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De Wachter

De Wachter (The Guardian) at Nassauplein, The Hague. Created by Knight in The Order of the Netherlands Lion and Officer in the Order of Oranje-Nassau: Shinkichi Tajiri. Presented on the occasion of the abolishing of conscription by interest groups AVNM and VVDM on August 31, 1996.



Chapel built in 1921, designed by architect Fletterman as a small church of the then parish 12 of the Reformed Church in The Hague. The chapel at the Thomas Schwenckestraat was inaugurated on July 13, 1921.

Interieur Hal

In 2015 a renovation started by STEK or Stad en Kerk (city and church), the executive of the Hague Protestant Parish. They wanted a nice and multifunctional place in the former Bethel Chapel.


Interieur Doorkijk