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Sky high

Sky high.

The centre of The Hague.

Vader des Vaderlands.

Plein, The Hague. In the middle of the Plein (Square) is a statue of Willem van Oranje by Louis Royer on a high pedestal.
The statue was unveiled in 1848, just three years after the equestrian statue of the Father of the Fatherland (Vader des Vaderlands) was placed in front of Noordeinde Palace. The statue was turned a quarter of a turn during the redesign of the Plein. Since then the prince no longer looks at the Binnenhof, but at the southeast.

Den Haag CS

Den Haag CS

Den Haag Centraal (The Hague Central) is the largest railway station in the Dutch city of The Hague and, with twelve tracks, the largest terminal station in the Netherlands. The station was completed in 1973, next to the older station Den Haag Staatsspoor.

Den Haag CS Tram Platform

The main hall of Den Haag Centraal is currently undergoing a renovation in order to increase the railway station’s capacity. The roof has been replaced. It is now higher, and made of glass plates places in a framework of stainless steel.

Den Haag Centraal Bus Platform

Den Haag CS Roof