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The beach

Noorderstrand, The Hague.

At the beach



Noorderstrand dunes

Between The Hague and Wassenaar lies Meijendel, it has a size of approximately 2,000 hectares and is South Holland’s largest contiguous dune area.

Once there stood a farm in a valley of Meijendel, which was named after the many hawthorns that grew in the area. The inner side of the dune area is partially wooded. Closer to the sea there are sandy plains and “bare” areas with beach grass. The area is rich in water. There are a lot infiltration ponds locally, but also natural dune pans. To protect the water collection, parts of Meijendel have long been closed to the public. This deep rest has benefited the birds.

There are many hiking and biking trails through Meijendel. Central to the area is a farm Meijendel and a pancake house. The dunes have still several bunkers from World War II, used by bats as hibernation site.