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Westland is a municipality in the Dutch province of Zuid Holland. The municipality is located in the Westland region and has 108,603 inhabitants, on an area of 90.59 km², of which a land area of 7990 ha and an area of inland water of 1060 ha. The municipality of Westland is part of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague.

There are two roads from The Hague to Hoek van Holland, where you can take the ferry to England. The main road runs through the village of Monster, with its typical flour mill and church.

Mill at Monster.

The Vier Winden mill at Monster..

The current flour mill was built in 1882, replacing a burned-down wooden mill. As early as 1311, a mill was reported at this location. In the twenties of the 20th century, a residential area around De Vier Winden was created, which hindered the windage, to the dismay of the miller who complained about this to the municipality, but without success.

Church at Monster.

Church at Monster.

The economy of the municipality of Westland mainly consists of horticultural companies.
Greenhouse horticulture.

Greenhouse horticulture.

View on Westland from the dunes.

View on Westland from the dunes.

The second road is a cycle path through the dunes via Kijkduin seaside resort and is almost 18 km long and ends in Hoek van Holland.

Hoek van Holland, view towards Rotterdam harbor.

Hoek van Holland, view towards Rotterdam harbor.

Hoek van Holland.

Hoek van Holland, at the beach.


Had to visit the park in the centre of The Hague on my way to the coronatest station today.
The Palace Garden, formerly also known as the Princessetuin (Princess Garden, 1609), is a park between Noordeinde Palace and the Prinsessewal in The Hague.

In the garden are several buildings, including the Koninklijk Huisarchief (Royal Household Archive). The Koninklijke Stallen (Royal Stables) are accessible from the garden. The garden is largely open to the public from sunrise to sunset. The garden will only be closed if there are important guests at the palace.

In 1783, a balloon was launched from the Princess Garden for the first time in the Netherlands. Two years later, on July 12, 1785, a manned hot air balloon was launched for the first time, with balloonist Jean-Pierre Blanchard on board.

The garden continues to the Koninklijke Stallen (Royal Stables), the entrance of which is on the Hogewal. The eclectic Renaissance building with stables and coach houses around a rectangular courtyard was designed by H.P. Vogel and realized in the period 1876-1879.

View on the Royal Stables from the Paleistuin.

There are 80 corona test stations in the Netherlands. After the test one is obliged to wait for the results at home. That will be my third quarantine period, partly due to the visits to Venice. My brother died shortly after Easter as a result of this virus and I advise everyone to act safely and deal with fear realistically. And take care of each other.

The corona test station

The smallest park in the world

The world's smallest public park

The world’s smallest public park is located next to the Binnenhof in The Hague. The information board is more expensive than the construction of the mini park. The park is also abused by miscreants and needs to be repaired every time.


Here another example of promotig green, but this time it is a public effort. This cupboard is located on Koningsplein and residents with green fingers maintain the cupboard and its contents. Plants and seeds are exchanged there. Much better.