Fisherman’s friend

I got a new camera. A Nikon D60 and I am happy as a clown. Finally I can use manual again: No more autofocus, auto shutterspeed and aperture.

At Zuiderstrand, The Hague.

At Zuiderstrand, The Hague.

Dear fisherman on the beach today at Zuiderstrand. I understand you do not want your face published, but please, stay gentle and do walk away while we are having a conversation. It’s very hard not to have your face on a picture when a kinetic artist shows his strandbeests with more than hundred people holding camera’s and world wide press around him, occupying the beach. When you walk through our city centre, there are over 13.000 surveillance video camera’s capturing your face. Did they ask for your permission? Did you ask them not to take a video with automatic face recognition? I always show the result of a picture to the one photographed and ask if it’s ok to publish the picture, give them my card, so they can have a print of 30 by 40 cm for free.

I gave you my card and published a picture with my face on it.


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