The Bokeh Road

Footpath in the dunes of Scheveningen

Footpath in the dunes of Scheveningen.


6 thoughts on “The Bokeh Road

    1. oenkenstein Post author

      Thank you Bird! Since two months I frequently place my camera on the ground. It results in photos with a perspective not often seen in photography or paintings, like if the viewer is a very young child lying on its belly. It has also a great advantage, as I do not need a tripod when shooting pictures under difficult light circumstances.

  1. ckponderings

    Lovely low angle! 😀 I like taking low shots, particularly when you don’t get to see what you’ve taken until you pick the camera up again! 🙂

    1. oenkenstein Post author

      Right! I never look at the picture just taken, simply because my LED display of my camera is broken. Like in the old days of analog photography, got to wait until I arrive at home to view the result 🙂 ( Nice to meet another photographer who takes pictures on a daily basis. Cheers!


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